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ABI mobile homes for sale in FranceEurobase now bring you ABI mobile homes for sale in France on our campsites and holiday parks. ABI are a leading UK manufacturer that have been creeping up on the heels of the market leaders for a number of years. They have an extensive model range with mobile homes to suit all budgets when looking for a brand new holiday home.

Quality mobile homes

Attention to detail is a strong point with ABI, each year they listen to their customers, owners and dealers alike, and make the small adjustments requested to improve on what is in our opinion already a very good product. The build quality is very good and stands up against any other manufacturer in the industry.

Innovative and stylish

Innovation is a key aspect of ABI’s product, and this is apparent when you take a look at the Sunningdale. New for 2012, this model boasts a great feature for families with young kids. The twin bedroom is has a rare “L shaped” layout, doing away with the standard twin layout that leaves not much in the way of space. See our ABI mobile homes for sale in France here. See the ABI manufacturers website here.


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Spot the mobile home competition

Spot the mobile home competition
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