October 19

Chateau la Foret, Vendee, now open all year


Chateau la Foret is one of our best selling parks and a firm favorite for many over the years. The owner Axel has invested heavily in the park over the last years, and it is certainly paying off for all that enjoy the campsite. It has gone from a sleepy parkland site to a hub of both quiet culture and adventure. He has been very aware that many people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and has done very well in developing without compromising this.

On one side you have the park itself. Set within the forest and overlooked by the beautiful chateau, the site has the feel of the old style country campsites that are fast disappearing and being replaced by more clinical “holiday park” type developments. Venture just across the 3 lakes and you will discover an adventure land that will entertain children and adults for hours. Tree climbing adventure (think Go Ape, the UK version, but on steriods!) paintball, pony riding, geo caching, frisbie golf to name a few!

The wonder of it all is that despite all that goes on over there, the main park keeps its status of a country haven.

Now open all year to owners.

New for 2019, there is a another section being developed for owners that will be open all year round. We (and may clients) have been asking for this for a long time. As with most parks, the facilities on the park will ony be open during the main season. But with all that the area has to offer, this really is not even a thought.

To mark the new development we have allocated some stock to the park and have put on a grand sale. You will have a choice of plots on the new area, or you can choose a plot on the old sections. However, these will not be accesible 365 days ayear, but will benefit from a lower plot rental fee.

So it up to you! We suggest you get in touch and arrange a viewing trip as soon as possible. Feel free to get in touch.

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