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Eurobase National 3 Peaks 24hr Challenge



On Thursday June 18th, Simon and Kelvin will be climbing the 3 highest peaks in the United Kingdom, all in 24 hours. Well that is the plan!

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Why are we doing this?

British_Heart_Foundation_logo.svgThis challenge is in the name of charity, we are raising funds for the British Heart Foundation. Heart Disease and heart related illness is the UK’s biggest single killer, most of us have been touched by it in some way or know someone that has. The British Heart Foundation power research into such diseases and condition in the quest to find cures and preventions.


What’s involved?

Starting in the morning in Snowdonia, Wales, we shall first climb Mount Snowdon. Then it’s straight to a minibus for the drive to England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike. Once again it’s straight back to the minibus for some food and hopefully a sleep during the drive to the Scottish Highlands. There we will be faced with the tallest peak of them all Ben Nevis. Nothing like “saving the best ‘til last!”

The challenge of this (other than climbing these mountains) is that we are attempting to do this all in a 24hr period! Yes, 24 hours! So if we don’t manage to sleep on the bus it’s going to be even tougher. Ben Nevis will be climbed over night too, just to add an element of dangerous fun!

If you would like to support us in this crazy quest and donate, you can do so by following this link below. Thank you for your support!

Kelvin & Simon.

Sponsor us and donate here >>>



Ben Nevis 1,344 meters


Scafell Pike 978 meters

Mount Snowdon Range North Wales

Snowdon 1,085 meters

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