Frequently asked questions

When is the best time to buy?

For new homes, ideally you will need to place an order by Christmas to be sure the home is produced and shipped to be installed in time for the following season. Any later and you risk missing out on production slots and will have to wait a further year.

How long does it take from ordering my home to moving in?

If you buy from Eurobase stock, this can be ready to move in to in a matter of a couple of weeks providing it is not during high season (July-Aug). If you order from new it depends on the manufacturers production schedule. Mobile homes are built in batches so we can find out the up to date schedule for your specific model during the buying process.

Can I buy a used mobile home?

Not all campsites will allow used homes onto the park. Any used stock we have is advertised on the website. These can sell quickly, so in the meantime do your research on the area and park you wish to be on. That way, when a suitable home comes along you are ready to act quickly and avoid missing out on the home.

Can I arrange a viewing trip?

Yes you can arrange a viewing trip. Simply contact us with dates and locations and we will arrange this for you. If you need accommodation, we can usually help with this. They are usually just a couple of days long and if you buy a mobile home we will refund the accommodation amount for those days.

Can you live in a mobile home all year round?

This all depends on the park. If it is a “Fully Residential PRL” park then yes you can. These are few and far between in France but Domaine des Lotus and Le Lizot are exceptions. In Portugal we have Calico Park which is fully residential.

Various other parks are open all year round and allow you to stay on site as if you are basically living there, but they cannot be your primary address.

Are there any legal fees or taxes?

Unless you go for a fully residential home, there are no legal fees or taxes other than “tax de sejour” which is a tourist tax. It amounts to pennies per night spent on site and is usually rolled into your park pitch fees so you don’t even have to think about it.

Is there an age limit on my home staying on the park?

This all depends on the park. Many have no age limits at all, providing the home and plot is in good condition you can stay. Some will have an age limit and ask you to remove or renew. The parks with more star rating and more facilities are stricter with this, quieter smaller parks are a lot more flexible. Age limits are less and less relevant year after year as homes are build to far better standards these days.

Can I sell my home?

Yes, you can sell your home. Again, each park has its own rules. Most will let you sell the home on site without any issues. Some will ask for a fee/commission to be paid. If your home is very old, you may not be able to sell it on the park. All of this is made clear before you decide to purchase. We can also help you sell by by advertising on our websites and finding potential buyers. For this we have free and paid options to help you out.

Can I move my home to a different park?

If you find a park that is willing to accept your home, then we can certainly help you transport it to the new park.

Why is the price different on the manufacturer’s website?

Prices on manufacturers websites only show the RRP of the home ex works. Final prices we quote include shipping/transport, installation, commissioning and testing, any entry fees the park may charge as well as any optional extras you may choose.

How does my home get to Europe?

We arrange for your mobile home to be collected from the factory and transported to a UK port. It will be shipped to the relevant docks in Europe and then transported onward to the campsite.

Does the price include deck and air conditioning?

Decking and air conditioning are optional extras and are not included in manufacturers prices, or  the general prices on the Eurobase website. Some of our “in-stock” homes may include these, see specific website listings for full details of specification. If you want any of these, tell us and we can include it all in your purchase price.




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