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General guide to buying a mobile home

Buying a caravan holiday home in Languedoc Roussillon doesn’t need to be stressful! At Eurobase Mobile Homes we go out of our way to make things as simple as possible. We are there to help but you remain fully in control throughout the whole process. Clients who have already holidayed in France, either independently or with Tour Operators often know exactly what they want and where they want to be. Those who are new to the industry will be amazed at the variety of campsites and residential parks available and the comfort and quality of the mobile homes.

Funnily enough, the easiest part of the whole process is choosing your mobile home but we’ll come to that later!

The difficult decisions are where to be situated and the style of the campsite you want to be based upon.
These questions require time and careful consideration. What type of holiday to you like? Do you want to be by the beach or inland? What ages are the children? Do you want a lively site with sports activities, water-sports facilities and organised entertainment or a quiet site with a small pool where you can sit back and relax with a book and glass of wine? What will you require in five years time?

Once you’ve made contact with us, we will arrange a convenient time to call you to find out exactly what you are looking for and chat about the options available. The more information we get the easier it will be to help you!

What’s next?

You may be just starting your research into buying a mobile home in France, you may have been looking into it for a long time, either way, it can be a daunting task. We recommend you break it down into three main stages.

  1. Choose your area
  2. Choose your park – this usually will involve a viewing trip to your region that we can help arrange for you
  3. Choose your mobile home

As you will see, choosing a mobile home is at the bottom of the list. We are not saying that it is the least important part of the process far from it. What we are saying is that some people get too hung up on the mobile home before the location. What do they say on those TV property programs? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

Don’t miss out on your location!

Pitches on campsites and holiday parks can be the hardest part to get so don’t miss out. Taking a viewing trip, looking at the available pitches and getting your name down on a pitch is the way to ensure you get the location you want. Once you know the pitch you want, you can then plan the mobile home model and type that you wish to put on there.

Once you have all the information you can read, the next step would be a viewing trip. Click the button below to read about viewing trips to see the campsites and regions.

Choosing your location

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