February 17

Update – Mobile home availability 2016


We just wanted to give you a little update in terms of the position the mobile home industry is in now as a whole.

The UK manufacturers have all worked hard this year designing new mobile homes and giving the current best sellers an annual revamp. This has produced some great homes (and some not so great let’s be honest!). We won’t go into our favourites, that wouldn’t be fair but there are some fantastic additions to the fleets this year.

The mobile home and static caravan industry has been through a lot in the last few years. As you may remember the government changed rules on VAT that nearly caused mayhem. Thankfully they did a U turn on that and we could all breath again. After a few rocky years and the coming and going of various manufacturers, this last few months have been good times for those factories as well as many parks and dealers.

This can be put down (in many cases) to the new rules on pensions passed by the government this year. Fantastic for some of you guys, great for the factories and us too. However, this has brought a new problem.

Supply and demand is getting the better of us all!

All we kept hearing at the trade shows back in September from the manufacturers was “we can’t build enough this year!” What a great problem to have!

This brings one problem for us and you. Many of the factories are already booked up for production well into Summer 2016. On many, if not most models, there is not much chance of getting a home built before July, by which time it is too late to get it installed.

Of course, there will be some models that possibly have production slots available before then, but this is the general situation we are in now. The knock on effect as I touched on above, is that if we go too late in to the 2016 season, parks will start to get too busy and it will be too dangerous for homes to be installed.

So what are your options?

New mobile homes

If you are seriously looking forward to having a new mobile home on a park in 2016, then you will need to be doing something about this now. We have a busy few weeks ahead of park visits and viewing trips. Give us a call or fill out a viewing trip request and get the ball rolling today. There may be some models with the odd production slot available, but we definitely can’t guarantee any home to be delivered before high season. This means it could be September before it will get installed.

Ex Demo mobile homes

We have a limited number of ex demo (still new and unused) homes available that are on parks and show grounds in France and Portugal. These are ready to be installed as and when they are needed. We are selling these off so we can replenish our summer display stock. The prices on the websites are generally sited and installed on parks in the areas that they are located now.

We can however move them to the park and region of your choice. For instance, the Willerby Sierra was sold and moved to Argeles sur Mer.

Prices will all very depending on where you want to place the mobile home, so if you are interested in any of them, simply get in touch via our contact page. Let us know the home and park you are interested in and we will come up with our best price offer.

You can see these ex demo mobile homes here >>

Introducing – The Vision, by Eurobase

The Vision






We have teamed up with Carnaby to create a new centre lounge mobile home. These are being produced in February and will be available in all areas of France and Portugal. There are just 5 being produced (one already sold) and they are exclusive to Eurobase. They consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 showers, 2 WC, double glazing, integrated fridge freezer and the finish is a mix of two of the most popular Carnaby mobile homes.

You can read more about them here…

So at the risk of sounding like we are pushing you along and this is all sales patter, we just want to get over to you the message that we are hearing on a daily basis from the manufacturers.

If you are seriously thinking about a new mobile home, and want to be enjoying it in 2016, you really do need to be taking steps towards your decisions now.

For free advice, whether you are buying from Eurobase or not, please do to give us a call or contact us.


Happy hunting, Team Eurobase.



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