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Places to see – Port Vendres

Port Vendres
Mediterranean working port
Enjoy your research when buying a mobile home in France. Port Vendres is a coastal treat you simply have to visit.

Hunting for your mobile home for sale in France

When looking for mobile homes for sale in France, exploring the region can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. If you take a turn off the tourist trail you will come accross some amazing places, like Port Vendres.

Port Vendres

Port Vendres is an authentic working Mediterranean fishing port. Situated just a 15 minute drive from Argeles sur Mer and 25 minutes from the Spanish border, you get a real taste of the working Mediterranean lifestyle. An taste is exactly what you should do when you are there, as it obviously has some amazing seafood restaurants! It is rich with stories of exploration and military history and is overlooked by Fort de la Galline.

Port Vendres is a natural and deep harbour making it a haven to more than just fishing trawlers. It is a marina to some pretty luxurious yachts as well as harbouring the odd Cruise ship. Charles Rennie Mackintosh fell in love with the port and spend a couple of winters winding down and painting.

Food and drink

As you can imagine, the local food and drink is pretty special. Every direction you look in (maybe excluding out to sea!) you can see the vineyards growing the grapes for the different varieties of wine the area region produces. The food is obviously mainly seafood, and there are some great restaurants on the port. Be sure to try La Cote Vermaille, names after the local coastline, this eatery is fantastic! Fresh produce straight from the water, and excellently priced it is a drean for the palate.


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