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Residential park homes in France

Residential park home – Domaine de Lotus


We have recently added park homes and lodges on freehold and leasehold plots in France, to the Eurobase portfolio of holiday homes abroad. Mobile homes and static caravans for sale on campsites in France are usually limited to a maximum of 40m2. Also you are also not allowed to purchase the plot but have to pay an annual rental fee of a few thousand euros per year. Well after a long time searching we have found some exceptions.

Are you looking for something a little more permanent than a rented plot? Have you given up looking for an affordable house or gite? Well we now have two great parks that have plots of land for sale either freehold or on a 99 year lease basis. They are both very different from each other in terms of location and ambience. We have one park that is like a traditional campsite with the usual facilities such as a bar, restaurant, indoor and outdoor pools and entertainment in the summer. Domaine des Pin is 1.5km from the beach and close to a number of seaside towns and resorts.

And then we have Domaine des Lotus that is a tropical haven set around a lake and shares it grounds with a public garden. Parc Floral et Tropical was created by the same family that still owns the actual residential park. There is no bar, there is no entertainment other than a few community BBQ’s. What you do have is a pool, a small play area and mini golf and acres of beautiful tropical gardens. All properties on the park are owned by private owners, no holiday rental fleet to be seen!

Domain des Lotus offers the freehold plots which you are actually able to use as your primary residence if you want to. Domain des Pins offers the 99 year leasehold plots, it is open all year round too but local regulations only permit you to use is as a secondary residence. If you do wish to stay “semi-permanent” a short holiday elsewhere takes care of that problem as long as you still have a primary UK address.

As well as top end mobile homes and static caravans for sale, we are also able to offer luxury lodges, even large twin units. Plots of land start at around 36,000€ including legal fees, with the cost of the actual holiday home on top. After that you will have a small amount of annual cost such as your water and electricity bills. Local tax may be due which is variable depending on whether you use as a holiday home or primary residence, and on parks like Domain des Lotus there is a small contribution to the upkeep of the pool and the gardens. As an example, the annual cost to an owner on Domain des Lotus that is using their home as a primary residence is usually around 1,200€, a lot cheaper than a house you will see!

Take a look at our sister website www.parkhomesabroad.com for more details about the parks. We work with a number of mobile home and lodge manufacturers such as Omar. Due to the complexity and sheer variables in siting a lodge in France you will not see any prices. If you would like more information and prices please email or call giving us as much detail as possible in what you are looking for. We will need this to put together the costs of the home, transport, installation and the land fees to give you an indication.

Please don’t take our word for it, come and see these parks for yourself. We can arrange viewing trips throughout the year although we recommend you visit just either side of July and August to see the parks in full bloom and not on a dull winter’s day.


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