December 21

Spot the mobile home competition


I think you can agree that things are all a little bonkers right now! With Brexit looming and Covid just being Covid, we could see impending madness on the horizon with regards to travel and shipment of homes into France. The docks are about to suffer some form disruption, how much we don’t know.

So as you may be aware from our newsletters we’ve been on “mission import”, bringing in as much stock as we can. 

Can you see our mobile home in the queue in Kent?

Did you spot it? No? I’ll reveal all at the end….

The other reason for this is that many, if not most UK manufacturers have already sold ALL 2021 production slots due reduced capacity in the factories and working spaces.

So once travel opens up again, companies with stock will be the only place you will be able to get a home from in the immediate. If you wanted to order to your own specification you’re likely to have to order from 2022 order books.

For example, Willerby are now taking orders for 2022 and the earliest production slot is Jan/Feb 2022. Carnaby have sold all 2021 slots and now taking orders for 2022, with the earliest slot being the July/August 2021 early production runs. 

But we have plenty so don’t worry, you just can’t see them yet! It’s like a bad version of shopping in Argos! We have ALL the stock, but you have to sit quietly and you’re not allowed to look at it! haha!


Above is a pre-owned home we have ready to be sited in the Argeles sur Mer area.


Here (above) we have a selection of Victory Leisure homes. Omega FL, Omega CL & some Atlantics. So we are ready for you! We have plenty of stock ranging from £10k to £60k all raring to go.

Oh I nearly forgot, you want the answer to the Spot the Ball Mobile Home Competition.

Answer = its not there. We beat the queues!

If you want any information about the homes we have, the best thing to do is fill out the general enquiry form here, or call us on 01903 442 025.


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