Viewing trips

viewingWhen you’ve made up your mind which park interests you, we suggest you come over to see the sites and mobile homes for yourself. We can arrange a mobile home viewing trip and arrange accommodation on most of the campsites we work with or in the vicinity. It’s possible to see a great deal in a day! A Eurobase representative can meet you to show you your accommodation and plan the best use of your time whilst you are out with us. Usually, clients get a feel about a campsite very quickly, it’s either exactly what they are looking for or they don’t like it at all!

If a campsite takes your fancy, we will show you which emplacements are available, and explain the makes and models of mobile homes that can be placed there. Sometimes mobiles are sold sited on emplacements so you can move in straight away. New models (if there’s factory availability) usually need to be ordered, transported and installed so this will take longer. You can view exhibition models whilst you’re out as well as new and second-hand homes already sited on emplacements (subject to availability).

It’s best to view campsites in May, June, and September since you won’t get a good impression when they’re closed and July/August can be a bit frantic. However, this doesn’t always suit so we do run trips all year round. Mobile homes cannot be installed in the high season because this would cause too much disruption to holiday makers staying on-site.

Important Note: New homes are best ordered at the end of the summer season so they can be transported and installed over the winter months ready for the following season. This is more important than ever as by Christmas, many models of home are either sold out or production schedules are already well into April-May of the following year. So if you are ordering after Christmas, chances are you will have to wait until the following year’s range is released in September! This has been the case since the pension rules in the UK changed and the industry at home has enjoyed a boom!

When you’ve purchased your home Eurobase continues to assist and guide you through signing the contract for the emplacement rental, all guarantee and maintenance issues, insurance and letting out (if desired). There will always be one of our team in the area to check on you to see all is going smoothly and ensure a discreet but effective after-sales service.

We can help you arrange your trip, and what’s more, when you buy your new holiday home we will refund the cost of the accommodation. Simply fill out the enquiry form and we will be in touch to help make all of the arrangements.

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