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Why choose the Vendee for your mobile home?

vendee beach
Golden Vendee Beaches

We have mobile homes for sale in the Vendee on some great campsites, some of which are exclusive to Eurobase Mobile Homes. The Vendee has always been been popular for holidays but had suffered in a slump in numbers in recent years, but things are on the change.

Over the last 10 years the trend has been to head south when it comes to mobile home holidaying in France. Destinations like the Vendee coast have suffered. One big factor was the rise of the cheap flight. But in recent times there has been a change, and the cycle is coming back round. Speak to the large holiday tour operators and they will tell you about cycles and trends in destinations, they have to try to second guess them and decide where to put all of their tents and mobile homes prior to selling the holidays.

It may be a sign of the current climate, that cheap flights are not always as cheap as they used to be, or it may just be that natural cycle but the Vendee is once again becoming increasingly popular with people looking to buy a mobile home. It does have lots of benefits of course, not only is it blessed with miles and miles of golden sandy beaches and flat (for those of us that aren’t fond of hills like myself!), it is within a days travel whether you choose to fly or drive.

Kids entertainment at Le Trianon


We have great choices for buying mobile homes in the Vendee

Camping Le Trianon is a 4 star family park full of the facilities you need to keep the kids occupied. It is just a few miles from Les Sables d’Olonne and has a shuttle that runs straight from the campsite to the beach in the season.

This year Eurobase are exclusively selling mobile homes onto Le Trianon and will have an exhibition ground on the park. Viewing trips are available so contact us if you are interested in coming out to take a look.



Camping Vendee - Campilo
Fishing lake at Campilo



Camping Campilo is a smaller family run eco-camp. It is located just 10 minutes from La Roche sur Yon and 20 minutes from the beach. It is a little peace haven with two lakes for fishing, perfect for those looking for a real retreat. The park is open all year round for owners so you can make the most of your holiday home.

We have exclusive access to pitches on Campilo and viewing trips have already started. Too book a trip or form more information get in touch.


Camping les Biches
Camping les Biches


Camping Les Biches is favorite of many who visit the Vendee. Set within a pine forest Les Biches is located in Saint Hilaire de Riez and just a few miles from the popular town of St Jean des Monts. The park has great entertainment during the day for the kids and in the evening for all. It is quite a “social” campsite if you want it to be, but the lay out of the mobile homes means you can hide away and relax without being involved in all the activities.

If you like the look of Camping Les Biches then feel free to contact us for more information.


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