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By Eurobase Kelvin

December 31, 2012

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Willerby mobile homes for sale in France

Willerby Holiday Homes

Willerby Holiday Homes have been considered the market leader for many years. By far the largest manufacturer of mobile homes, static caravans and lodges in the UK, they have an impressive range with models that suit most budgets. Continually challenging the competition with their mix of traditional and daring, more modern styles to their fleet.

Model range

We are able to order directly from the Willerby factory so you can choose from their range of holiday homes for sale. In France there is generally a 40m2 limit in all campsites so bear that in mind. Willerby have an extensive range to choose from, with smaller starter units, centre lounge villa style models and top end luxury mobile homes and lodges.

See Willerby mobile homes for sale in France here or check out the Willerby website here.

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